Braid/Webbing, it’s a narrow fabric, designed and manufactured in various forms for use in multiple manufacturing process. It’s very versatile often replacing threads, rope in manufacturing, as well as non-industrial, applications.

The Requirement

Client requested us to make rank braid similar to modern black and blue RAF braid but in Khaki and sky blue which was 1918 style khaki RAF officer's tunic braid. We discussed about braid in depth with our client to fulfil the order.

Following measurements were provided by client for manufacturing:
        size: 14mm wide
        khaki Part: 5.5mm
        sky blue part: 3mm
        length: 100 meters

The Solution

Hand Embroidery UK team finalized the colour, measurements and material after discussion with the client. We started manufacturing on urgent basis because he required braid for the upcoming event. keeping to our excellence strategies we were able to manufacture and deliver on time.

We completed the order successfully and informed the client. Final product was handed over to the client at our office.