Epaulettes are the ornamental shoulder piece used as a badge of authority or honour based upon the ranking by the French armed forces and in some other organizations. The practice of using epaulettes began at the end of the 17th century. However, the basic design was developed throughout the 18th century.


The Requirement

The client provided the requirements to make a bespoke shoulder epaulette so that it matches the colour scheme of the uniform as represented above. Besides, the development of the Epaulettes consists of embroidering the client’s logo. Moreover, the logo, Pantone colour scheme, and measurements for the Epaulettes were provided by the client.



The Solution

The manufacturing of the epaulets using the client's logo was a challenging task. However, our experienced team managed to prepare the production plan as demonstrated below:

            •   Arranged cloth and fringe to match the colour scheme (Pantone PMS 344)
            •   Prepared the logo draft since only the optical white part of the logo was required to embroider onto the epaulette excluding the surrounding green olive wreaths.
            •   Prepared a sample draft to match the client’s uniform that was approved straightway.

Our manufactured Epaulettes were the same as the client's requirements. Later on, the epaulettes were delivered to the client's office in Australia.