Cross Bullion Crown Cap Badge Embroidered Bullion badges are the ideal way to advertise or identify schools, clubs, associations, fraternities, work teams or social clubs. The custom handmade badges ensure your group’s unique identity stands out. Today, bullion crests are used by various administration associations, sports groups and organisations.


The Requirement

The client contacted us for bullion cap badge. He had a metal badge assemble for the cap; however, he gave us the idea about his requirements. Client wanted same metal design transferred into handmade bullion badge.

The Solution

After analysing the requirements, we prepared a draft (as shown below) for the cap bullion badge.

Our team and client agreed to use following specification for cap bullion badge:

            •  Bullion Gold Wire
            •  Dark Green Blazer
            •  White Blazer in inner star
            •  Red Blazer for crown
            •  Badge finishing border cut
            •  Size: Height= 55mm and Width=45mm

We carefully selected blazer, bullion wire and thread to match client requirements. Each part of wire is separately cut and put on identification by hand. Furthermore,our team carefully packed them up and dispatched the whole order well within the specified time. Our bullion badge was exactly the same badge as client’s metal badge; client was very pleased with our team work.

The client was satisfied with the end result that was given by our experience team.