Drum Master Sash Crest

At Hand Embroidery UK we manufacture range of product as per client demands like Drum Sash Belts, aiguillette, epaulettes, peaked caps, bullion badge, drum major sash etc. Custom designs are always challenging, our team enjoy taking these challenges because when we receive feedback on final product from the client that payoff our all hard work.

The Requirement

Mr. Barnes contacted us to manufacture the sash crest which was made of group of 9 crests with different Mottos. He provided us some pictures of the crest along with mottos to develop final version. He was very concerned about the size, shape and thread of each crest on final product.

The Solution

Hand Embroidery UK team initiated artwork for the crest which was challenging because final crest was consisted of 9 small and very detailed crests. Each small crest was itself a separate project. We prepared artwork and got approved from clients along with thread, fabric, mottos and colour of each crest. When final crest was delivered to Mr. Barnes, he was very pleased with it. He told us, he was trying to make this from sometime but was not getting right people to that but finally it’s done.

Our team consist of expert individuals who are competently trained and industrially qualified to put forward the outstanding embroidery services. We are focused on providing exceptional and unique badges on sash at the most competitive prices for our clients. The company gave some of its staff some good bonuses as motivation and encourage them to continue with their great job.