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Hand Embroidery UK- A resourceful uniform accessories manufacturing company which has created paramount uniform add-ons for representatives and members for the formal institutions and sects. All add-ons are contrived to meet the signature quality standards. Hand embroidery UK has a family-run business with decades of manufacturing expertise and consumer experience.

The Requirement

Client contacted Hand Embroidery UK for the production of customized shoulder epaulettes for her the start-trek outfit. She showed pictures of star-trek movie and demanded the creation of star-trek shoulder epaulettes to Hand Embroidery UK. The design had a good deal of minor details which explained to the Hand Embroidery UK, and the workers noted it in an utmost attentive manner. From the selection of material and finalization of designs to match client’s star trek uniform - everything required a proper insight before decision-making.

The Solution

Hand embroidery UK marvellously met unique demands regarding customized shoulder epaulettes. Hand Embroidery UK, noted and acted upon the requests of client in a precise manner. The order was made and processed after the finalization of unique, customized in particular relevance to the star-trek outfit design.

By being focused on nuances of the particular order from the start, it created a perfect star-trek shoulder epaulette end piece that pleased the client. Due to the inexpressible concentration offered by Handmade Embroidery UK at every step of manufacturing, the shoulder epaulettes delivered at the end had a neat design.

Hand Embroidery UK managed and operated in an integrated manner for crafting of shoulder epaulettes to meet the specific and peculiar demands of the star-trek outfit.

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Star Trek Epaulette