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Ceremonial Accessories

Hand Embroidery UK are the leading manufacturer and supplier company of Ceremonial Uniform Accessories. We have a wide range of stock of British Military ceremonial accessories, Uniform Accessories, Uniform Decorations, Uniform Trimming etc. in UK. You can buy these Items from our website, If you are looking for any particular item which you are not able to find, please contact us.

Hand Embroidery UK main products are:

• Military Uniform Accessories:

We are manufacturing military uniform accessories like: Military Aiguillettes, Military Peak Caps, Military Cap Cords, Military Lanyards, Military Sword Knots, Military Shoulder Epaulets, Military Ceremonial Sashes, Military Gorget Patches, Military Uniform Sleeve Braid Ranks, Military Chevron, Military Shoulder Braids, Military Embroidery Badges, And all Military Uniform Accessories etc.

• Hand Embroidery Badges:

We are manufacturing hand embroidered badges like: Embroidered Blazer Badges, Silver Bullion Badge, Gold Bullion Badge, Family Crest, Collars and Cuffs Badges, Embroidered Banners, Embroidered Patches, Royal Artillery Blazer Badge, Major Bagpipe Arm Badge, American Civil War Badges, Electrical Mechanical Engineers Blazer Badge, Airborne Bullion Badge Eagle Head Badge. SAS Blazer Badge, Special Air Services, Army Badges, Gold Wings Badges, Handmade Badges, Embroidery Bullion, Club Badges, Lanyards Aiguillettes Feather Hat Hackle etc for more visit our online shop.

• American Civil War Badges:

We manufacture and supply the finest quality of American Civil War badges related items for descendants of Veterans of the Civil War, collectors and civil war enthusiasts around the world. Hand Embroidery UK is manufacturing American Civil War Badges like: Civil War Medical Service Hat Badge, Civil War Lieutenant General Shoulder Badge, Civil War Artillery Captain Shoulder Badge, CIVIL WAR Major general Shoulder Badge, American Civil War ACW Artillery Officers Gold Braided Cannon Kepi Badge, Air Force Colonel Eagle Shoulder Board etc for more visit our online shop.

• Aiguillettes:

Aiguillettes should not be confused with lanyards, which are cords also worn from the shoulder (or around the neck), but do not have the pointed aiguillette tips and are usually of fibre rather than gold or silver wire, and often not braided. Hand Embroidery UK is manufacturing aiguillettes like: Aiguillette in Orange Silk with Gold Tags Army Air Force Navy, Aiguillette White Silk with silver tips, Shoulder Cord, Aiguillette in Gold MYLAR Army Air Force Navy, Gold Mylar Major Dress Cord, French wire Aiguillette with Gold plated tips Specially for Air Force, Aiguillette Gold Mylar Army Cord with Small Tips, etc for more visit our online shop.

• Epaulettes:

Epaulettes are fastened to the shoulder by a shoulder strap or "passant", a small strap parallel to the shoulder seam, and the button near the collar, or by laces on the underside of the epaulette passing through holes in the shoulder of the coat. Hand Embroidery UK is manufacturing epaulettes like: Shoulder Epaulettes, Shoulder Boards, Corded Shoulder Board, Military Shoulder Boards, Shoulder Fringed Epaulettes, Pilot Epaulettes, Gorget Patches etc for more visit our online shop.

If you are looking for bespoke design on any of our products - we have skills to make for you. Visit our shop. Call Now: +44 20 3633 3212