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Welcome to HandEmbroideryUK.co.uk

Hand Embroidery UK is specialised in manufacturing of military uniform accessories which includes Military Peak Caps, Shoulder Epaulettes, Aiguilettes, Lanyards, Bullion Badges, Gorgets, Braids and Laces and much more. We also cater bespoke orders which includes different type of handmade articles.
Our policy is based on the entire satisfaction of our customers around the world through providing quality products. Today, our family has more than 40 years’ experience in the military uniform accessories manufacturing  field.

Hand Embroidery UK main products includes:

• Hand Embroidery Badges
• Military Peak Caps
• Epaulettes
• Ceremonial Sash Belts
• Pilot Epaulettes
• Fringes & Tassels
• Family Crest
• Club Badges
• Braids & Laces
• Sword Knots
• Whistle Lanyard
• Shoulder Board
• American Civil War Badges
• Gorget Patches
• Cord
• Hat Hackle
• Stable Belts
• Machine Patches
• Hat Cord

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If you have Any Queries on our products and services are Most Welcome to Contact us! Call Now: +44 (0) 203 5000 246