A peak cap has a flat front and a round top, and it has a stiff brim in the front. People use peak caps in different ways, like in the military for a special look, in sports to show support for a team, as a cool accessory in everyday clothes, and for practical reasons like keeping the sun out during outdoor activities.

The Requirement

A client, seeking a bespoke hand-embroidered peak cap, approached us with a vision but lacked concrete details.

The client expressed the desire to have a badge positioned at the center of the cap's front side. However, the client had no formal artwork for the badge, so he requested us to create a handmade badge as well for the cap.

In addition, the client wanted precise measurements, and tailored sizes, demanding an entirely unique and personalised creation.

The Solution

For this project, we initiated a detailed discussion to understand the client's expectations.

As the client lacked a formal badge design, our skilled artisans took the initiative to craft a bespoke badge by hand, ensuring it resonated with the client's expectations.

We matched the color scheme as per client demand. Every measurement and size requirement was followed, guaranteeing a tailored fit.

We then showed the end product to the client. The client was fully satisfied.