A bullion badge is a type of embroidered badge made with fine gold or silver bullion wire. Bullion badges are often used by the military, police, and other organisations to display rank, insignia, or membership.


The Requirement

Our client needed a custom-made bullion badge for their uniforms. They provided us with a detailed design and size specifications, as well as a handmade diagram of the badge. Their requirements were as follows:

          •  Use bullion wire for the text on the front of the badge
          •  Create a blue outline around the text
          •  Add Velcro to the back of the badge
Additionally, they also required union flags and provided all the requirements for them.

The Solution

Our team of experienced embroiderers created the bullion badge and union flags using high-quality bullion wire and thread.

We carefully followed the client's designs and specifications to create products that were both accurate and visually appealing.

We also added Velcro to the back of the badge so that it could be easily attached to uniforms.