Bullion badges are commonly used in military uniforms to denote various elements such as ranks, qualifications, or achievements. They are often hand-embroidered with intricate designs, and required a high level of craftsmanship.

The Requirement

A client got in touch with us and he required handmade Bullion badges. He provided us a picture of machine made bullion badge and wanted a handmade version with improved quality. Client requested us to use the following specifications:

          •  Maroon Coloured Fabric Backing
          •  Gold Wires

The Solution

After analysing what our client needed, our skilled craftsmen got to work. They carefully stitched the design onto a maroon fabric for the bullion badge, paying close attention to every detail. This attention to detail guaranteed that the bullion badge we crafted was exceptional, meeting our client's expectations.

The final handmade bullion badge was much better in quality and finishing compared to the machine made bullion badge.