Pilot Epaulettes give a smart look with a nice appearance while allowing you to show off these bar epaulettes with pride. Bar epaulettes clearly signify the rank of a person on uniform and often it’s the essential part of the uniform in many organizations.


The Requirement:

We received an enquiry from the client as they needed epaulettes for all grades which were one bar epaulette, two bar epaulettes, three bar epaulettes and four bar epaulettes.

The Solution:

Client was very concerned about the material and sizing of the epaulettes. Our team prepared three type samples for the client with different braids and back balzer. Our team also finalized the size of the epaulettes along with braid size and spacing in between each bar as shown on below picture.

After few revision client approved the measurements, next step was to make samples for the client. Our team prepared 3 sample sets for client as shown on following picture with different braids.


Client decided to go for Option A, the next step was to start manufacturing. Our team manufactured the complete lot for bars and delivered to client in USA with in time frame. Since then, we have done many repeat orders for this client and still serving them from many years.