Epaulettes are shoulder pieces or straps that are often used on military uniforms, as well as certain civilian and ceremonial outfits. Epaulettes are typically made of fabric or metal and are attached to the shoulders of a garment.

The Requirement

A renowned international brand approached Hand Embroidery UK with a request to create handmade epaulettes. The client provided us with all the necessary things like:

          •  velvet fabric
          •  measurements instructions
          •  specific design instructions

The client wanted the epaulettes to be of the highest quality and to perfectly match the aesthetic of their collection.

The Solution

Our team of experienced craftsmen carefully analysed the client's requirements and set to work to create the perfect epaulettes.

We used traditional hand embroidery techniques to stitch the velvet fabric into elegant designs. We also paid close attention to the details, such as the placement of the epaulettes on the shoulder.

We then delivered epaulettes to the client in time. The client was satisfied with the final products.