A Bullion Badge is a special kind of badge made by sewing a special shiny symbol or image onto it using fancy metallic wires. These wires are thicker and create a cool 3D effect on the badge. People wear these badges to show something important or to belong to a special group.

The Requirement

One of our clients contacted us and wanted a handmade bullion badge. Previously, we had created a machine-made bullion badge for him. However, this time, he desired a handmade bullion badge, with the exact same design.

The Solution

Our craftsmen carefully examined the design to ensure it remains unchanged during the conversion process. High-quality materials, including metallic wires and fabrics, were chosen to match the original badge's specifications. We used the following specifications for handmade bullion badges:

          •  Gold Bullion Wire
          •  Black Blazer
          •  Height: 3.25 inches
          •  Width: 3 inches

Hand embroidery created a textured, three-dimensional effect that gave the bullion badge a unique and distinguished appearance, unlike the flat surface of a machine-made bullion badge.

Once the handmade bullion badge passed our inspection, it was carefully presented to the client. The client was fully satisfied with the final handmade bullion badge.