Shoulder epaulettes, often simply referred to as epaulettes, are decorative and functional elements typically found on military, police, and certain civilian uniforms. They serve to signify rank and status while adding a distinctive touch to the uniform's appearance.

The Requirement

A client reached out to us with a sample of epaulettes and wanted us to create 300 handmade waterproof pairs with some improvements. The original sample wasn't rain-resistant, he wanted us to improve its durability to ensure it stays in top shape even in wet conditions.

The Solution

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the requirements, identifying the necessary improvements to achieve waterproofing. The original epaulettes featured cardboard components on the inside, which we replaced with waterproof materials, including plastic to make epaulettes waterproof.

Then, we presented this to the client, he approved it and we manufactured 300 pairs of handmade waterproof epaulette for him. The client was fully satisfied and liked our work.