Bullion badges are often used to symbolise achievement, affiliation, or recognition. These badges are characterised by the use of special metallic wires, known as bullion, that are intricately hand-stitched onto a fabric background.

The Requirement

Our client, an organization with members who served in the Junior Tradesmen's Regiment in the UK from 1962 to 1974, approached us with a heartfelt idea. They wanted to express their deep appreciation for the service of these members by gifting them a beautifully crafted handmade bullion badge. Our task was clear: create a handmade bullion badge that would serve as a symbol of gratitude and honor.

The Solution

Our journey began with an in-depth consultation with the client, where we discussed their vision and requirements for this badge. It was crucial to convey the essence of the Junior Tradesmen's Regiment while ensuring a personal touch to the badge.

Together with the client, we chose the following specifications for the handmade bullion badge:

          •  Gold, Red and Blue Bullion Wires
          •  A classic black blazer as the background

With these specifications in place, our skilled artisans worked hard and hand-stitched the bullion badge.

After the final stitch was in place, we carefully packaged the bullion badges and delivered them to our client. The client was satisfied with the handmade bullion badge.