A peak cap holds a distinctive place in the formal dress uniform officers. This iconic headgear is characterised by its rigid, flat, and often glossy visor adorning the front. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal of officers on special occasions, ceremonial events, and instances where a distinguished and professional appearance is required.

The Requirement

Client approached us with a unique project – the creation of a bespoke peak cap. Client was detail-oriented. He was very concerned about two things:

          •  Choice of Cap Fabric
          •  Colours Selection

He had an idea of desired peak cap in his mind and wanted the exact same cap. That’s why, he provided us cap fabric in desired colours for the bespoke peak cap.

The Solution

Upon receiving the client's detailed requirements and design concepts, we started our work to bring client’s vision to life.

We carefully handcrafted the navy officer peak cap, using only the high quality materials.

We managed to complete the entire order within the agreed-upon timeframe, which resulted in in client’s satisfaction.