Epaulettes are like fancy shoulder accessories that started in the military but are now super cool in everyday fashion. They are crafted with decorative braids and fabric to denote rank or affiliation.

The Requirement

A clothing design company reached out to us and they required handmade shoulder epaulettes (to be attached to the suits that they manufactured). They specified all the requirements: sizing, colour combinations, design, strap on the backside of epaulettes and all the other requirements. The client wanted three straps on the backside of epaulette.

The Solution

We analysed all the requirements. Main task was to meet all the specific requirements that the client specified for handmade shoulder epaulettes. Our craftsmen showed their expertise and manufactured handmade epaulettes for the client in two sizes:

          •  Large Epaulette pair: 13.5cm x 4cm
          •  Medium Epaulette pair: 12cm x 3.5cm

The sizing, colouring etc, everything was according to the client requirements.

The client's satisfaction with our work led to a long-term relationship, making them a regular client who continued to place numerous additional orders with us.