Handmade wooden badges are used for decorations. These are crafted using pieces of wood having handmade designs on them using fancy bullion wires. These badges are all about a personal touch, just like bullion badges, but instead of fancy bullion wires on fabric, it's about shaping a wood and then using bullion wires to create a design on it.

The Requirement

This customer from Sweden had a dusty old cap decoration: a round wooden decoration with fancy gold embroidery using bullion wires.

This special piece was hundreds of years old. They only had one, and they wanted us to make more handmade wooden badges just like it, for all their caps! They wanted us to make sure the new ones looked exactly like the original.

What they wanted:

  • Perfect copies of their ancient wooden cap decoration.
  • The gold stitching to be exactly the same.
  • The size, shape, and even the way it was put together to be spot on.
  • Strong, good quality materials so these new decorations would last.

The Solution

We got to work by closely looking at the old sample. First things first, we found good wood and made sure it looked polished.

Then came the tricky part – the gold embroidery. Using shiny bullion wires, our team carefully recreated the old design by hand, making sure it was the exact size and style our client wanted.

In the end, we presented them these handmade wooden badges that met their expectations.