Hamilton George Washington Epaulettes

Hand Embroidery UK has crafted uniform accessories for officials as well as general public individuals for many years. This ingenious uniform accessory manufacturer has created insignia, Hamilton George Washington Shoulder Epaulettes, visors, drum sashes, emblems and other uniform add-ons by client demands. Having met the signature quality standards regarding fabric and design, Hand Embroidery UK has continued its inherited legacy of producing paramount uniform accessories for all types of clients.

The Requirement

Ms Julie contacted us to develop Shoulder Epaulettes for her Hamilton George Washington Shoulder uniform. She had very specific requirements for her costume.
These shoulder epaulettes needed a good deal of details to be incorporated in the initial design as shown in the pictures. Upon viewing the initial draft images, representatives from Hand Embroidery UK discussed and recorded the various aspects of design details. After careful discussion, colours and fabrics were chosen, and the design was finalized. The finalized plan was sent for processing after being recorded by Hand Embroidery UK. At the end of the discussion session and placing the order, the client felt a good deal of relief regarding timely order completion.

The Solution

Upon being approached by the client for the creation of massive fringe shoulder epaulettes for her Hamilton George Washington costume, our team functioned in an utmost attentive manner. After receiving the finalized design, we carefully instilled the minor details in the intricate design of heavy fringe shoulder epaulettes. Workers at Hand Embroidery UK worked efficiently to deliver the exact customized design of heavy fringe shoulder epaulettes as requested by the client. Other details of order completion and delivery, including the shipment mode, the payment method, fabric stuff, and colour scheme and decorations dimensions were also briefed and finalized according to the decisions made by the client.
Hand Embroidery UK succeeded in delivering masterpiece heavy fringe shoulder epaulettes that pleased the client in the end. Amiable and accommodating staffs were bonus perks that client enjoyed during order completion.

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