A Bullion Badge is made by sewing a decorative symbol or image onto it using special shiny wires. The term "bullion" refers to the metallic wires used in the embroidery process These wires are typically thicker and more textured than regular embroidery threads, creating a raised, three-dimensional effect on the badge.

People wear these badges to symbolise something important or to show their affiliation with a particular group or achievement.

The Requirement:

The client got in touch with us for a handmade bullion badge project. He never had this badge done; however, he gave us an idea about his requirements, and he wanted us to create a handmade bullion badge.

The Solution:

We thoroughly analysed client requirements, created a mockup design of bullion badge and showed it to the client. The client liked and approved it.

Next task was to finalise the material and sizing to be used for the badge. Our team and client agreed to use following specification for bullion badge:

          •  Gold Bullion Wire
          •  Black Blazer
          •  Height: 45mm
          •  Width: 38mm

Then, we started working. The bullion embroidery technique requires skilled artisans who specialise in intricate hand-stitching. The gold wires were carefully stitched onto a fabric backing to create the desired design. Once done, we carefully packed them and delivered to the client.

Upon receiving the finished badges, client was delighted and fully satisfied with the handmade bullion badges we manufactured for them.