A Navy officer peak cap, also known as a peaked cap or headgear, is a type of hat worn by officers in the naval branch of a military or maritime organisation. The most prominent feature of the cap is its stiff, flat, and often shiny visor or peak at the front.

Navy officer peak caps are part of the formal dress uniform and are typically worn on special occasions, ceremonies, and when officers need to present a sharp and professional appearance.

The Requirement:

The client reached out to us regarding a navy peak cap project. In this initial contact, the client shared his requirements and the design ideas he had in mind. It was his first time working on a project like this.

The Solution:

After analysing client’s requirements, we created the following two mockups with handmade bullion badge style and presented to the client for approval.

The client chose option-1 and requested that we replace the gold wire inside bullion badge with a silver wire in the final cap. We then proceeded to create the final caps using high-quality materials, including:

          •  Waterproof Cotton Fabric
          •  Embroidered Bullion Badge
          •  Silver Wire on Bullion Badge

We successfully made all the caps within the agreed timeframe and delivered them to the client in time. The client expressed complete satisfaction with the marine peak caps that we manufactured for him.