Lanyards are handy straps worn around the neck or wrist, have become essential in various places like schools, offices, events and military establishments. They're practical for carrying things like ID cards and keys, while also showing which group or rank someone belongs to.

In this case study, we'll explore how we manufactured special handmade lanyards for a school, each with unique colours to represent different student ranks.

Client’s Requirement:

A reputable school reached out to us with a unique request for manufacturing custom lanyards for their students. These lanyards were intended to represent different ranks within the student body, each denoted by a distinct colour. The school provided samples of the desired lanyards, emphasising the importance of colour accuracy and yarn quality.

Order Details:

1. Officer Lanyard

          Colour: Blue

2. Captain Lanyard

           Colour: Red

3. President Lanyard

           Colour: Gold

4. Vice President Lanyard

           Colour: Combination of Gold & Navy

5. Chairperson Lanyard

           Colour: Combination of Navy, Red & Blue

6. Council Member Lanyard

          Colour: Combination of Gold, Red & Navy

Our Solution:

We began by comprehensively understanding the school's vision and requirements. Leveraging our expertise, we developed prototype lanyards for each rank, using high quality yarns and ensuring that the colours were an exact match as specified by the school. We presented the sample lanyards to the school. The school approved the sample lanyards.

With the approved samples as our reference, we initiated the production of the final lanyards. For lanyards requiring multiple colours, we combined different coloured threads carefully to get the desired colours on the lanyards. This made the lanyards look really good.

Adhering to the agreed-upon timeline, we completed the production process and promptly delivered the custom handmade lanyards to the school.

Client Satisfaction

The school was highly satisfied with the final lanyards. Our lanyard manufacturing not only showcased our expertise in uniform accessory manufacturing but also highlighted our dedication to understanding and realising our clients' visions.